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Children's Superhero Sumo Suits

Spider-Man V's Hulk

For ages 8 - 14

Originally when we started down the Superhero Sumo Suit road it was inevitable we would include a set of children's Sumo Suits at some point too . So for 2015 we turned to the experts...our own two boys, who chose the combatants for this epic encounter and then we turned to our top quality British manufacturer to create and bring to life these costumed crusaders!

Finally you can take a break from shouting at your kids for fighting each other and let them fight each other with you shouting words of encouragement in a guilt free and safe environment! Wage battle in your own back garden or at your chosen event and venue with these super cool party favourites!

Let battle commence!

Please note: We ONLY purchase our Sumo Suit units brand new and unlike our local competitors NEVER deal in second hand units. We also ONLY purchase from trusted UK MANUFACTURERS.

In the UK we are lucky to have some of the best manufacturers in the world who use top quality materials and use well honed manufacturing methods to produce some of the best units in the world.

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Children's Superhero Sumo Suits

Price: £50

Suitable for: Children Only

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass

Age RangeSuitable

This item comes supplied with;

  • Two Superhero Sumo Suits
  • Masively Oversized Boxing Gloves x2 Pair
  • Padded Safety Helmets
  • Safety Neck Braces
  • One x 12ft by 12ft Safety Crash Mat Arena To Pummel Your Opponent On

The Health and Safety bit....

Our Superhero Sumo Suits, as with all of our units is tested annually to both RPii or PIPA standards which follows the european standards as set out in en14960: 2013. This standard is overseen by the Health and Safety Executive of England and is the standard that should be used by all hirers. Our Public Liability Insurance covers our safe setups with up to £5 million. All of our electrical equipment is annually PAT tested to ensure their safety for hire to the general public and is also subject to regular visual inspection by ourselves. Safety is key in everything we do, we pride ourselves on it. That's why when we drop off and setup your inflatable we also provide you with easy to understand safe use guidelines which we talk through with you to ensure safe operation of the inflatable whilst in your care.

If you would like to know more about our Superhero Sumo Suits for hire or would like to make a booking then please feel free to contact us on (01983) 854739 or 07540 430790. You can also book here online using our automated booking system. We receive notification for every online booking we receive immediately that it comes in. Alternatively you can email us at