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Lego Batman

Hey! I'm Batman! Not Bruce, who's Bruce? You mean Bruce Wayne? Nope, not me. Not sure why you'd bring him up in the same conversation as me but he sounds like an amazing guy and we should all wanna be just like me....I mean him. Not me.

Manned or Unmanned

Lego Batman can be hired for parties and is suitable for most adults to wear. To hire just the mascot on its own is £40. He can also be hired manned for £90 for an hours party visit or £65 for a 30 minute visit. When booking online and if hired for a manned visit please state this in the notes section of your booking form. All staff are highly competent, fun and DBS checked.

For event day hire please contact us directly.

If you think your friends might be interested in Lego legend Bruce...I mean Batman, why not share it with them on Facebook. Just click the link below,

Lego Batman

Price: £40

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass

For anyone who doesn't get what the last picture is all about........keep trying, it'll come to you.