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Gold Cup Horse Racing Game

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Gold Cup Horse Racing game

Our Unique Gold Cup horse racing game - an exciting and energetic game for 4 would-be jockeys that is an essential addition to any race night event or a fantastically fun alternative entertainment at your wedding! It's also great for fun days, parties or just for fun! We love it!

How to play

On the grass textured fibreglass racecourse there are four different coloured horses; blue, red, yellow and green. The horses on the track are matched to 4 hobby horses of the same colours. The four players have to position their hobby horse in-between their legs and hold onto the handles positioned on either side of the horse's head. At the start of the game each rider has to simulate a galloping motion just like a jockey riding a horse. The faster they gallop, the faster their horse will travel along the course to the finishing post. Please note: there is a very strong chance of looking very extremely silly whilst playing this game...well, what would be the point otherwise right?

Gold Cup Horse Racing commentary!

To add to the fun and excitement during each race, players/riders and spectators will be able to hear the very realistic accompanying racing commentary, which enthusiastically encourages the players to go faster! The aim of the Game! The faster the riders gallop the faster their horse travels up the racecourse towards the finishing post and the first horse to reach the finishing post is the winner! At the end of the race the winning lane lights up and the commentator announces the colour and the name of the winning horse. At the end of each game the horses return to their starting posts ready for the next game. Features Include: Authentic grass-textured race course Four hobby-horses linked to the horses on the racecourse. Realistic horse racing commentary ​

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Price: £230

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass

Age RangeSuitable

Operational Space Required

3m(w) x 3m(d) x 2m(h) The Gold Cup Horse Racing Game is ideal for indoor corporate and team building events. Why not call us to plan your next corporate or team building event.