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High Speed Cage Football

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Cage the football, release the potential

Cage football is a perfect option for fast track learning in close quarters. It’s a great option for teams and clubs looking to improve their game. It can be a fantastic addition at your event for members of the public to play or for competition between different teams. Amateur or Professional this is a wildly fun option. Please enquire directly with us for our club rate.

What is Cage Football and how does it work?

Cage football is the fast track answer to improving your game in no time at all! In the Football Cage, 2v2 teams are pitted against each other for high speed, close quarters football. You learn fast to control the ball and manoeuvre yourself in a smaller space where you are the defender, the mid-fielder and the attacker all rolled into one. You can learn to dribble and take on players with perfectly timed tackles. The enclosed cage environment means you are never far from the action, and even if your kick doesn't go to plan, it's never long till you are back in the middle of the action which can help you learn amazing close ball control. The goals are small and low to the ground helping you to hone your precision shooting. Not a footballer? Not a problem! Cage Football is fun and motivating for players of all ages and abilities, helping them to develop coordination and reaction and improve their football intelligence.

Total Football

Total football is a style of football where each player is able to play as defender, midfielder and attacker at any time within the game regardless of your starting position. When you play out of position you are replaced by another member of the team to help maintain formation. This style of football places high physical and technical demands on the team and so is not an obvious easy option. It is however incredibly successful one when everyone is working together.

This method of play is fluid and adaptive and means that no player has to follow a prefixed tactical position, instead they can individually play them all. The success of this tactic relies on the adaptive skills of each player in their team to morph position depending on the on-field situation.

How about an example; throughout the 1970s, the Netherlands football team, Ajax, played some of their greatest football ever, they achieved home wins (46–0–0) that lasted for two full seasons. The 1971–72 season and then again in the 1972–73 season. In the whole of the 1971–72 season they suffered just one defeat and they celebrated four titles in 1972 (the Netherlands national league, KNVB Cup, European Cup and Intercontinental Cup).

Price: £150Week Day Price: £120 (excludes Friday)

Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass

What are the rules of cage football?

Download and print off our handy Rules guide and Score sheet here cage-football-rules.pdf

Football Cage dimensions:
Each panel is 2.5m high x 1.2m wide (8.2ft x 4ft approx)
The minimum setup would be 8 panels and maximum 20 panels depending on and to suit the setup space. The setup can be a circle or a square cage depending on space and preference.

What’s included?

  • Free Islandwide delivery and setup
  • between 8 - 20 cage panels including two goal panels and one door panel
  • High Speed Cage Football rules
  • Free collection after your party/event
Suitable access to the setup site via vehicle is preferred. If this is not possible please make sure to let us know when booking.