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Funky Fencing

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Funky and Fun, Colouful and Bright!

Create a unique and vibrant space with our colourful interlocking fence work. 12 panels make up a total length of nearly 40ft (around 12 meters) for £25. There are a maximum of 24 panels available. They can create a continuous barrier up to nearly 80 ft (around 24 meters) or a 20ft square box. They can also create larger spaces by defining areas by leaving entrance and exit points. The sections are only a couple of feet high and so are able to be stepped over by most adults.

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Funky Fencing

Price: £30Week Day Price: £25 (excludes Friday)

Indoors on Artificial Grass
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass

Perfect for your event

This is a great addition to create that special area for events such as your wedding or a christening or for corporate fun days.

What space do I need for setup?

The space needs to be clean and clear of debris. It also needs to be flat as the sections all interlock ridgedly to create a solid single structure. If the area is not flat then the fence may have high points and low points where it does not meet the ground.

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