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Farmyard Soft Play with Hopperz Package

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Our Premium Farmyard Soft Play Package is without doubt a real head turner. We specifically had this designed to a 14ft by 14ft design to allow not only the children to interact safely in an inflatable walled fun surrounding but also for their parents to have enough room to guide them through it if they so wished also. As parents of young toddlers at the time this seemed like an obvious design choice. The Farmyard soft play is beautifully hand painted inside and out by quality UK artists who are specialists in their field. As are the soft play shapes themselves. Built into the unit is an inflated 4ft by 4ft ball pool with air jugglers for hovering our commercial quality ball pool balls on. Children are captivated and enthralled by the magic of the flying coloured balls that they can place their themselves. The entire floored area within the 3ft high inflated wall arena is internally sewn with a crash mat flooring making it as safe as it could possibly be for your younglings to explore.

Animal Happy Hopperz for that extra something special

HappyHopperz are a gathering of brightly coloured, inflatable animals that rival the space hoppers of the 1970's. These are aimed at toddlers and so are more stable than space hoppers. Created with ears, horns and handles for children to grip on to and feet or wheels with our emergency vehicle Hopperz to steady the bouncing, these super cool animals and vehicles come in a variety of different styles and colours and are a massive hit at all the parties they attend! You'll receive 6 Original Happy Hopperz as part of this package. Normal price £20 to hire but only £10 when hired alongside the Farmyard Soft Play.

Please note: We ONLY purchase our units brand new and unlike our local competitors NEVER deal in second hand units. We also ONLY purchase from trusted UK MANUFACTURERS.

In the UK we are lucky to have some of the best manufacturers in the world who use top quality materials and use well honed manufacturing methods to produce some of the best units in the world.

Price: £100