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Didi Car Disco

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This is an INDOOR ONLY party package.The Didi Car Disco - A few years ago we approached this idea with our Spider Dome to create a Disco area with Didi Cars. It didn’t work. Looking back, it lacked direction and therefore purpose. Also it lacked a smoke machine! So now we are back, creating bespoke guided barriers with ‘funky fencing’ to give us our racetrack! Check out the video below to see it in action.

What’s included;

  • Didi/Swing Cars x 12
  • Funky Fencing - to make a bespoke (to fit the hall) racetrack every time
  • Smoke Machine + remote
  • Disco Lights x 2 (varied)
  • Block Rocker wireless music amp (music not included)
  • A Checkered Flag to wave the winners as they zoom past

What about the music;

We provide you with one of our fantastic Block Rocker wireless amps. With this you can connect your device via Bluetooth and stream music through the amp. Running low on battery? Not likely. With up to 50 hours of cordless sound the Block Rocker can be placed anywhere you want with no need to plug it in. In addition it has USB ports for charging your own device from it.

Price: £120