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Woodland Soft Play and Funky Fencing

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Funky Fencing Woodland Soft Play

This package includes our Woodland Soft Play package but replaces the ball pool with our unique and fun, Funky Fencing! It's a great alternative to the ball pool and keeps the children in a fun and safe environment. Our Funky Fencing can be adapted to either leave a door space for children to get in and out of or can be fully enclosed. It is tall enough to keep the children in but low enough for the majority of adults to step over.

Woodland Soft Play

We just love this beautiful soft play package! This has been made bespoke to our own specification. Children just love nature and wildlife so we designed this soft play to appeal to their imaginations. We even made sure to include a red squirrel which of course is native to our little Island.

Every soft play item in this package is hand-painted to fit the theme. Even the crash mats have applique details to make them look like an outdoor scene.

Soft play is a perfect party option for pre-school aged children (from 0-4 years). It has been massively popular for weddings, toddler parties, christenings and other events. It is versitile so can fit easil into halls and function rooms but also can go in your own home. The beauty of this package is that it's crash mat floor space comes in four sections so can be overlapped and moved around as necessary to accommodate the space around it. We do recommend that you clear the room as much as possible before we come to set up.

Funky Fencing

Ideal for weddings

This is a great alternative to have at a wedding. It's bright and vibrant colours draw the attention of children and adults alike and create a unique and safe environment for them to play in. As with all of our equipment parental supervision is required.

Price: £75